Bringing home the gold

Today it’s assumed that America is the unmistakable, dominant power in playing – and winning – basketball games on an international stage.

We are indeed, yet this eventuality was no easy task as bringing home Olympic gold required tremendous effort both on and off the court.

I won’t go in to the Xs and Os here as I’d likely put too many people to sleep. Besides, much of the basketball strategy, preparation and success fell to Coach K and his outstanding assistant coaches.

My role in all of this? As Chairman of USA Basketball, I had the task of communicating the elaborate, if not seemingly impossible mission at hand. And in the process, changing attitudes and reshaping public perception.

All one has to do is turn back the clock to 2002 when most assumed that the USA Men’s and Women’s Olympic Basketball movement had derailed, never to return to center stage. Or more specifically, the top medal stand as our national anthem played.

How did this remarkable turnaround occur? Suffice to say that it was equal parts strategy and clear, consistent communications to multiple audiences.

I look forward to sharing more of the complete game plan for “Bringing Home the Gold” when I join you at the APS PIO Symposium. Until then, just know that nothing much happens with any team until everyone is on board.

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